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Tested On These Browsers

We are trying to ensure that this web site works reasonably well on a reasonable set of browsers. We use the W3 Schools Browser Statistics Page to determine the most popular browsers.

If you are having issues with the site, please first consider updating your web browser, if possible. Otherwise, please contact us to report any issues you have experienced.

Browser Version Platform Status
Internet Explorer 9 Windows XP, 7
Internet Explorer 8 Windows XP, 7
Internet Explorer 7 Windows XP, 7
Firefox latest (12 on 4/21/2021) Windows XP, 7, Mac Lion (10.7), Linux (Arch Linux 3.3)
Chrome latest (C19 on 4/21/2012) Windows XP, 7, Mac Lion (10.7), Linux (Arch Linux 3.3)
Safari 5 Windows XP, 7, Mac Lion (10.7), iOS 5 (iPad)
Safari 4

Standards Compliance


4/21/2012 - All pages tested and passed with W3C HTML validation service. The only warnings are for the usage of the "scoped" option for styles included in the body of a document. However, I've not witnessed any problems with this usage.




Under the Hood

A Work in Progress

Issues We Are Working On

Below is a listing of the top web site issues we are working on:

Issue # Title Date Status Comments
1 Home page images load load slowly on the first viewing 4/20/2012 new The images are just static on the page -- we need to use the YUI Image Loader to speed this up.
2 Forms don't mail out 4/20/2012 new The forms look great, but they only save into the database. They don't email yet.
3 HTML Compliance failures 4/20/2012 new Need to keep hammering away to make sure pages are compliant. They are doing well, but one thing that bothers me is that we have div tags in the midst of the page. This is not compliant, but due to the modular nature of the site, the only way around this is to have the server parse the pages and reposition the div sections into the header.

Web Work Log

  • 6/23/2014: Converting the site to PHP and Mustache
  • 5/24/13: Updated address to A1 Sun's new location on 4th St; Updated YUI library to 10.0.1. No changes necessary to take advantage of that -- lots of bug fixes and performance improvements since 3.7.3.
  • 4/21: Validated all pages. Just a few warnings for places where we bend the rules, but nothing to worry about.
  • 4/21: Now validating with, since the W3 site can get unresponsive after a while. This .nu one is fast!
  • 4/21: Validating site, making small changes to page bugs.