Privacy Policy

We are very aware that in this interconnected age, many have written off personal information privacy as an archaic concept. But not us. We do not trade information about you, send you spam, or make random solicitations. After visiting our site or requesting a free solar estimate, you won't find a trail of spammers or salespeople lining up at your email inbox.

Please feel free to review our privacy policies below, and ask us if you need further clarification.

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Your Web Activity

Web Activity Logging

This web sites collects standard Apache Web Server "access log" and "error log" information for every site visitor. We (A1 Sun) may use this information to monitor which resources are utilized by our web visitors and to help diagnose any problems reported for this web site. Frankly, with the ease of the current Analytics software (see below) the only practical use for these logs is to diagnose problems. We do not use this information for any other purpose. We specifically do not use this information to relate web site activity with your personal information (see section below).

Please consult the Apache Web Server documentation to learn more. (Warning, this is highly technical information. For a general sense of privacy issues with Apache web logs, please Google it.)


This site does not use any third party analytics software to monitor your activities on this site. We feel that this is a possibly unwelcome intrusion into your personal activities.


This site does not place "cookies" in your web browser.

Personal Information

Personal information is not collected from any web user unless it is submitted via one of our contact forms. We have two forms on this site which allow web users to contact us:

  • Contact Us - which is used for information requests, reporting web site issues, or any question to A1 Sun, Inc.
  • Free Solar Estimate - which allows a web visitor to request a free solar evaluation and installation estimate.

All information collected from these forms is communicated to A1 Sun via standard email. This information is only used for the stated purposes. We do not share it with any other entity, and will not use it to contact you in any other way than is stated on the form, or that you have have requested this or other communcation.

Other Web Services

Links to Social Networking Services

A1 Sun operates accounts on several social networking services, including Facebook and YouTube. The privacy policy of this web site ( does not cover web user relationships with those sites. Privacy issues with those services is very complex. We would advise you to read their respective privacy policies if you have concerns.

Please see the Facebook and YouTube privacy policies for details.

Links to Other Web Sites

We provide links to several other web sites, especially on our Resources - Links page. Although we are proud of our relationships with these companies, we cannot vouch for their web privacy policies. The presence of these links on this site does not present a direct privacy concern. However, given the sophistication of web data mining technology, it is possible that your activity on those sites can be traced back to this site, and that relationship used to trace your activity on other web sites. Your activity can only be traced through links that you click, but a relationship can still be inferred even if you don't click the links.

Please note that links to other web sites are optional. That is, we do not contact these sites on your behalf, but provide the links for you to click. The one exception at this time is a link to the Better Business Bureau (, which is required in order to display the BBB seal.