Commercial Solar

From day one, an A1 Sun Solar System generates an income stream. As energy prices rise, your system and income stream become more valuable over time. Your system will pay for itself often within just a few years, after which your solar system produces steady escalating profit. With few moving parts, high quality components, and superior installation, operating and maintenance costs are minimal.

Your business is a balance of expense and income. How often does an investment eliminate an expense and replace it with income?

There is a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit and your system may qualify for MACRS depreciation.

As an early adopter of green technology, installing an A1 Sun Solar System will reduce your operating costs and enhance your business profile in your community.

A1 Sun offers a custom onsite evaluation and Free Solar Estimate for your business.

Commercial A1 Sun Installation

Why Go with A1 Sun Commercial?

Cost effective

We are cost competitive and always seek to find the best pricing from our distributors. Our low overhead and streamlined processes ensure your business will receive a high performance, reliable and dependable system of exceptional lasting value.

Quick Response and Rapid Quote Turnaround

Have a job that needs to be fast tracked? Call or email us and we will meet with you on site.

On Budget and on Time

Architects, contractors, and business owners work with us because we stay on time and on budget. We consistently meet or exceed schedules. We coordinate our field work with your timeline. We have excellent relationships with local jurisdictions and distributors. We know how to facilitate and expedite your A1 Sun solar project.

Hassle Free Process

We easily handle permitting, energy audits, PG&E forms, and expedite all other paperwork for you. If you or your client have any questions or would like more information on products or design, we will do our utmost to answer as quickly as possible.